There are no strict standards for baby food safety



It is surprising that there are no standards for baby food. You would think the Food Division of the FDA would care enough to get involved, but no. It is up to the manufacturer to do what is necessary. Rice cereals could, could and did have traces of high levels of arsenic. Congress should hold all agencies accountable, but not so much. The FDA always seems to slip through the cracks, so it’s up to parents to be picky. Are the fixed maximum levels of toxic heavy metals allowed in baby food? No, they don’t.

It makes you wonder if you are in the baby food business, you would test products. HBBF tests found six times more arsenic in infant rice cereal than in other types of infant cereal. Rice easily absorbs arsenic from the environment, about 10 times more than other cereals. Arsenic causes cancer and permanently reduces children’s ability to learn. Where is the world heading in the near future when it comes to baby foods, formulas, baby powder, and our foods as adults? If you have the answer, let us know.

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