The 6 new mom + baby products that we can’t wait to buy in 2017


We know it’s a little mean to keep you waiting for something – you’ve been on that nine month stay, haven’t you? But after browsing through the best and newest baby products at ABC Kids Expo this year trust us when we tell you these 6 products are worth the wait (and we are already planning to order them as soon as they hit the store in 2017).

We are also delighted to announce a new arrival of ours — our MotherlyLoves series!

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Beaba Babycook Rose Gold

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or, you know, trapped at home with a newborn baby), metals are everywhere this year. But why confine heavy metals to your decor? Beaba’s new Babycook Rose Gold steams, mixes and reheats raw fruits, vegetables, meat and fish at any stage of baby or toddler food and is as pleasant to look at as it is to use, which means you’ll actually want to leave it on the counter between meals.

Due Date: Spring 2017

This stylish little night light is every preschool mom’s dream: The bottom turns into a flashlight when picked up so your little one can get to the potty in the middle of the night, without waking you up. Plus, colorful light projections are the perfect way to soothe hard-to-sleep people.

Due Date: April 2017

We’ve loved Cake lingerie for a long time, but we’re really excited about this new line of cutting-edge maternity bras. The new Charley M line is sexy and trendy, perfect for the confident and stylish woman who happens to be pregnant. The inaugural collection includes plunge, balconette, soft-cup, molded and active nursing bras, so you’re sure to find the fit that’s right for you.

Due Date: January 2017

Your newly trained little potty tykes can say goodbye to the dreaded wedgie (the fight is real) with these comfy cotton underwear created in a unisex design. They are also made in a wide variety of patterns and colors mostly gender neutral that will motivate any toddler to get out of diapers and put on grown-up skivvies.

Due Date: January 2017

There are a lot of things to remember when you’re first becoming a mom, and this awesome new laptop from Project Nursery makes it all that much easier. This stylish smart bracelet keeps track of everything mom + baby during those crazy, sleep-deprived first days, from breastfeeding sessions and baby’s sleep schedule to how much water you drink per day. Moms wear the SmartBand and sync it with its iOS and Android apps to provide smartwatch notifications for caller ID, SMS, and app notifications, as well as a simplified way to log and track calls. important events, such as feedings, pumping, and vitamin boosters. There’s even an activity tracker and a customizable reminder and alarm feature that delivers encouraging messages throughout the day (because, let’s face it, you know you deserve them). Post-natal stress, you have found your partner.

Due Date: February 2017

If you’ve ever “cleaned up” a fallen pacifier by sliding it into your own mouth, those days are officially behind you. This new pacifier from Doodle & Co. folds up on itself as it falls out of baby’s mouth, keeping the pacifier clean and free from dirt on the floor. A light push or a feed is enough to put the pacifier back in working order. (No broach splint required.)

Due date: January 2017, pre-order available

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