Sprout class action alleges mislabeling of baby food

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Overview of the Sprout Baby Food Class Action:

  • WHO: Two plaintiffs have filed a false advertising class action lawsuit against Sprout Foods Inc.
  • Why: Sprout is unlawfully displaying certain nutritional content claims on some of its baby food products, according to the lawsuit.
  • Or: The class action lawsuit was filed in federal court in California.

Sprout Foods Inc. is facing a class action lawsuit alleging it deceptively marketed its Sprout-branded baby and toddler food products to convince parents that the products are healthier for children under 2 years of age than products competitors.

Based on this marketing, plaintiffs Gillian Davidson and Samuel Davidson claim to have paid a premium for Sprout baby food products.

The Sprout class action lawsuit points to more than two dozen Sprout baby food products that are allegedly intended for children under 2 years old. Many of the products listed are baby food “pouches” containing pureed baby food.

In 2018, these Sprout baby food packages accounted for 25% of baby food sales in the United States, according to the misleading advertising class action lawsuit.

Sprout Class Action Claims Baby Food Products Are Illegally Mislabeled

Despite the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) explicitly prohibiting certain nutrient content claims from foods intended for children under 2, Sprout products include important nutrition claims on their labels, according to the class action.

As an example, the plaintiffs cite Sprout “Power Pak” baby food pouches which state on the front label that they contain “3g protein, 5g fiber and 300mg omega-3 of Chia ALA”. The packaging would also state that the product is for children aged “12 months and over”.

In California, a mislabeled food product cannot legally be manufactured, distributed, sold, advertised, or possessed in the state.

“Mislabeled products have no economic value and are legally worthless,” the lawsuit alleges.

Sprout baby food labeling is illegal, misleading, misleading, lawsuit alleges

The Sprout class action claims that the advertising and labeling of Sprout baby food products are illegal, misleading and misleading.

“These claims deceive and mislead reasonable consumers into believing that the products will provide more benefit than their competitors and induce parents to purchase the products despite the lack of evidence that increased nutrient intake is appropriate or recommended for infants and toddlers under 2 years of age,” according to the lawsuit.

The plaintiffs each claim that they purchased Sprout baby food products because they felt they were superior for the nutrition of their children. If the products hadn’t been illegally and misleadingly labeled, they say they wouldn’t have bought them or paid so much for them.

They filed the Sprout class action lawsuit on behalf of themselves and a proposed class of people in California who have purchased Sprout baby food products since February 18, 2018.

In 2021, Sprout Foods faced a class action lawsuit alleging it mislabeled its baby food products as “organic” and “healthy” when they contained dangerous levels of toxic metals.

You can be eligible for a review of the request for prosecution if you have a child who has consumed Sprout baby food and has been diagnosed with autism, another neurological disorder, or cognitive impairment (links to paid content for lawyers).

Plaintiffs are represented by Seth A. Safier, Marie A. McCrary and Hayley Reylolds of Gutride Safier LLP

the Sprout Baby Food Class Action East Gillian Davidson, et al. against Sprout Foods Inc.Case No. 4:22-cv-01050, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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