SNL Sketch nails the difficulty of buying gendered baby clothes


Jerrod Carmichael hosted Saturday Night Live this week, and it did not disappoint! The comedian brought a fun energy to the show and gave the audience some great performances in the skits he did, including a hilarious one about baby clothes. There’s a weird tendency to make baby clothes that talk about a child as a “future heartbreaker” or labeling them as bride and groom when they’re just babies, so the sketch gives us a new Osh’s Kosh F*gosh clothing line that features shirts that say things like “Alexander Hamilton was a TERF” or “I love Kristen Stewart.”

As the end of the skit says “Oh, relax. It’s not like they can read”. As a society, we’ve put a lot of pressure on babies from the start with gendered clothing or heterosexual norms, and the skit calls it out more than anything. That said, some of these onesies are fun, like “Holland Taylor can hit me with a truck.”

The sketch features Carmichael as a couple with Bowen Yang, Andrew Dismukes and Chloe Fineman as well as Chris Red and Heidi Gardener. Couples hang out and watch their children play, but also question the suits their children wear.

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It’s not really a novelty. For decades, companies have sold the idea that some things are for boys and some things are for girls, including the more palatable version of “future heartbreaker” style baby clothes that exist. So this sketch poking fun at the heteronormative way we treat baby clothes is perfect because you know parents would be mad if this line of clothes existed but would have no problem putting their baby in an outfit that says a lot about being a woman.

The clothing line is called “Born This Way” and features onesies that I would actually wear if they came in shirts. But it’s also a classic Saturday Night Live call it a sketch that looks harmless, but really proves how weird it is that people think it’s okay to put a baby in a onesie to ultimately look attractive.

So if Osh Kosh F*gosh wanted to make a real line like this I’m sure a lot of adults would try to get some of these shirts. But would Holland Taylor does she have to approve the sale of this onesie, or would she love it enough to make it happen?

Check out the sketch here:


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