Savvy mom shows epic £ 50 baby food transport she bagged for £ 5 – but gets savagely done for giving child ‘unnatural’ ingredients


You could think you have enough baby food in your kitchen cupboards – but trust us, you can always use more.

So when this savvy mom saw Ella’s Kitchen, Cow & Gate, and Heinz By Nature wiped out at her local ASDA, she rushed to stock up.


Mom showed off her epic baby food haul that costs just five dollars in ASDA

Posting to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, the delighted mum shared a photo of her massive transport – which was said to have originally cost her over £ 50.

Alerting other shoppers of the savings, she wrote, “Asda selling a lot of cheap baby food – I asked and she said it was all the stores!

“I have it all for around £ 5 and dated for 2022 and 2023!”

In addition to 16 Ella’s Kitchen sachets (which typically cost £ 1.05 each), the mom also stocked up on 75p Cow & Gate jars.

For all the people who say ‘I wouldn’t give this shit to my baby blah blah’ stop mom judging. A fed baby is a happy baby.

Completing her transport, the new mom bought seven discounted boxes of £ 1.50 banana cream from Heinz By Nature and two jars of oatmeal for £ 2.95.

Unsurprisingly, the post racked up thousands of “likes” and comments from parents desperate to take advantage of the savings – but some critics have questioned what she chose to feed her baby.

“When I see these baby foods, I think of all the unnatural ingredients in them,” one said. “I gave them to my daughter once and read the ingredient list. Wow, that was longer than my arm. Never again. Fresh fruit and veg for me.”

“It’s a really good deal, but to be honest I wouldn’t buy that kind of food for my baby,” added another. “They contain so many concentrates and are not healthy, they expire in 2023, who knows what we’re really made of …”

Jumping to mum’s defense, a third wrote: “For anyone who says ‘I wouldn’t give my baby that shit blah blah,’ stop judging mum. A fed baby is a happy baby.”

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