Pair force woman to eat baby food during assault while holding her captive in Snapchat ordeal


A woman was forced to eat baby food while being held captive in a five-hour ordeal which was filmed on Snapchat.

Phoebe Hing, 21, and Toni Thompson, 26, lured the 27-year-old victim to their apartment in Harlesden, north-west London, before subjecting her to horrific abuse.

The victim was forced to lick yogurt off the floor, swallow dish soap, his face was sprayed with mold, and food was poured over his head and face.

His hair was cut and his eyebrows shaved.

During the attack, the victim was also punched, kicked and a cold shower while fully clothed.

She was then forced to clean the apartment.

The assaults were filmed and posted on social media by Liam O’Neill, 22, who failed to stop the attack.

Liam O’Neill Credit: CPS

The victim was asked to remain silent about the attacks or to face further violence, but she told police days later.

Raj Clare of the CPS said: “The whole horrific episode was about intimidating and humiliating the victim.

“The prosecution file included telephone evidence from videos posted to Snapchat that showed exactly what had happened that night.

Thompson and Hing took pleasure in controlling and degrading the victim.

“O’Neil was there all the time and filmed some of these assaults – not once did he try to step in and stop the abuse.

“His role during this incident was important.”

Prosecutors said the victim “felt like an animal” and that the experience had traumatized her.

Thompson, Hing and O’Neil were each jailed for two years and face an indefinite restraining order preventing them from contacting the victim.

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