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Each year Gerri Ceraolo and Kimberly Henderson, co-owners and realtors of The Firm Real Estate, 182 N. Main St., Mooresville, have done something to help the community.

Due to COVID last year, they were unable to host their annual New Coats for Kids fundraiser to benefit the Mooresville School District; therefore, they decided to provide another kind of help – caring for the babies.

“We lost coats so it was a perfect year to do it,” Ceraolo said.

Years ago, the mother-daughter duo owned a business in Florida called Buddy Products and had designed and patented several baby items. Henderson explained that she was a young mother at the time and wanted a bottle holder that didn’t require ice packs to keep the bottle cold. As creative entrepreneurs, they decided to create their own design, which led to the creation and production of additional products. These include backpack diaper bags, burp clothes, a bottle holder, and a doll.

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Named after Gerri’s husband and Kimberly’s father, Buddy Ceraolo, all of the products are named Buddy, and the doll is also called Buddy.

The business has now been sold, the couple shared, and they wanted to pass the thousands of unsold baby items on to those in need. They said they could sell them, but they don’t want to. Instead, they want to give it away and be a help to others.

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