Mamas & Papas Pledge to Bring Trusted Baby Products and Services to UAE Billboards | INSITE OOH multimedia platform


Mamas & Papas appears on Dubai’s OOH Arena for the first time, claiming reliable baby products and services for its growing family.

UK-based nursery brand and manufacturer Mamas & Papas is showing their passion for delivering reliable, trouble-free products to every caring parent in their new awareness campaign. The ad spaces are very simplistic and modern, focusing on the visual appeal of their displayed products. Mamas & Papas show the Bug 3-in-1 Floor & Booster Seat with Activity Tray and how it secured a happy baby, as well as the parade of a fully furnished nursery containing all the must-have and necessary furniture, including the Harwell White/Oak Crib and the Harwell White/Oak Wardrobe. Another advertising space welcomed future parents enjoying the joy of buying their future baby from Mamas & Papas, in order to create an emotional bond with their customers. The minimalistic design of the advertisements draws the attention of the audience towards the displayed products in order to tempt the audience and entice them to try the products. The ad copy notes the brand’s logo in Arabic and English, as well as how they offer “trusted baby products and services for your growing family.” Finally, the advertisements remind consumers that they have the freedom to shop in-store or online, the latter through their mentioned website.

The Mamas & Papas campaign is relatively new, having been released the fourth week of April on Dubai’s OOH Arena in the form of Uni-Poles and Lampposts.

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