Gary Bigeni launches into children’s fashion


“Gender-neutral clothing offers expanded options for young children,” Telfer said. “Choosing gender neutral clothing allows them to express who they are outside of society’s binary norms for girls and boys. While some children may prefer gender stereotypical clothing designs, others may not. Having this option will be great for these young children.


“Clothing can differentiate us and connect us, it can make us feel comfortable and confident. It does this for people of all ages, and without restricting those choices to align with gender expectations, anyone can find clothes that bring them joy.

With items priced between $ 60 and $ 80, Bigeni’s children’s collection is made-to-order, like its adult line, with durability in mind. The oversized approach is a way to harness current trends and extend the life of a t-shirt dress.

The durability and economic benefits of gender-neutral clothing were enough to encourage Alana Tiller to launch her retro-inspired Goldie + Ace clothing line in Melbourne four years ago.

“The original concept was beautiful clothes that can be passed down to siblings,” Tiller said. “It came from a sustainability perspective, but has evolved into a lot more now. “

Melbourne-based children’s clothing brand Goldie + Ace does not categorize pieces by gender.Credit:Lina arvidsson

Tiller also salvaged the much-maligned dinosaur print for everyone by placing it over a dress, with unexpected and satisfying results.

“We saw a picture of a little boy wearing it, and he looked so happy. We have dresses but everything else is gender neutral, and it’s wonderful that he wanted to wear this piece. These conversations weren’t happening when I started, but it’s good that we are having them now. “

Dinosaurs are unlikely to trample on Bigeni’s aesthetic, who emerged on the Australian design scene in 2003, creating exquisite silk dresses in minimalist silhouettes that have stood out season after season on Fashion Week catwalks. Australian. In recent years, his approach has changed to reflect his own colorful personal style that began when he was young.

“When I was little, I went to Supré with my mom and saw a fluorescent swimsuit and shorts that she bought for me. I loved her so much that I kept it in her wardrobe so that my brother, who I shared a room with, wouldn’t mess it up. I didn’t know if it was for boys or girls and I didn’t care.

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