Do cotton milk baby products actually work?


Immediately I knew I had to give it a try. For the products to be declared a hit in our household, we had two key points in our criteria.

First, it had to not make Archie’s dryness even worse. And the second, it should actually bring some relief. If he did those two things, it would be a game changer for our family.

My two boys love bath time, especially after a long day, so we like to make it easy and fun. My eldest, Arlo, often ends up in tears when it’s time to jump.

So any new product that produces a lot of bubbles had to excite her. When I showed him the new Swisspers® range, he immediately said “Are these new bubbles for me?”. (All bath, body or hair products are affectionately referred to as “bubbles” in our house.)

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Arlo, unlike his younger sibling, doesn’t have sensitive skin, so we thought it best to give him a bath with the new products first. This way we could get an idea for them.

Immediately I was impressed with the silky smoothness of the body wash. It was so soothing and Arlo loved it. Once dried and hydrated, I could feel a noticeable difference in her skin.

After his successful run with Arlo, we decided to put the range to the ultimate test by seeing how Archie’s skin reacted to it.

While running a bath for the two of them, their eyes lit up as the bubbles grew in the tub (I used Swisspers® Hair & Body Wash for maximum bubbles) and immediately jumped in.

As any parent knows, you want and need your children to be as relaxed as possible before bedtime. So I was so impressed how the range created a calming atmosphere for both of them.

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