Disgusted mother shares warning after finding mold in baby’s food pouch and it was still relevant


A TASTED mom shared a warning after finding mold in her baby’s food pouch while she was still up to date.

The TikTok user appeared enraged during her video as it showed what her child could potentially have ingested.


Disgusted mom showed mold inside her son’s vegetable pouch

In a shocking video, Jessica Carter showed the moment after she opened a new bag of Beech Nuts vegetables and “pulled” mold and landed on the counter.

A massive buildup of mold had taken the shape of straw as it rested on the horrible mess.

“Just a friendly PSA to check your pouches before you give them to your kids,” the worried mother said in the video.

She was shocked that the bag had mold


She was shocked that the bag had mold
The pouch was well within the date of being consumed


The pouch was well within the date of being consumed

“It’s MOLD that came out of this one and it’s definitely still relevant today.”

The cover had been stamped to expire in December 2021 and the video was released in June.

Along with the video, the mother-of-two publicly shamed the baby food brand and wrote, “Do better.”

Many moms also took to the comments section to express their horror upon realizing that their kids absolutely adore the same covers.

One mom wrote: “That’s why I only get transparent bags.”

A second commented: “My one year old loves it! I think I’ll start making them myself.

A third suggested that she usually sacrifice herself before feeding her daughter, writing, “I’ve always had a reason to take a sip before giving it to my daughter.”

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