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The Cost of a Divorce – What Fees Must be Expected When Divorcing?

by Clint Cox

The cost of divorce - How much does divorce cost in 2018?

According to the data provided by the Central Statistical Office, as many as 356 marriages are divided into 1000. What do the costs of divorce look like? What are the expenses for preparing those who plan a marriage to be prepared?

the cost of divorce

A person applying for a divorce has a choice: to write a petition to the court alone or to hire a lawyer or legal advisor. They usually decide to entrust a divorce case to an experienced lawyer who will not only write a lawsuit, but will also represent the client in court. The cost of employing a court attorney varies depending on the size of the city, as well as the intricacies of the particular case. The regulations do not limit the maximum remuneration of the representative, but they specify its minimum at PLN 720 net. This is the minimum amount you pay for a divorce without adjudging on wine. In the case of proceedings regarding the guilty breakdown of the marriage, the payment amount increases to PLN 1080 net. The more complicated the matter, the higher the fee and can reach even several thousand zlotys.

Court fee

 Court fee When filing for a divorce, you must provide proof of payment for the court fee. It is PLN 600. You can pay it later, but you must not exceed 6 days from the time you submit your claim - otherwise it will be dismissed. In the case of low income or lack thereof, you can apply for exemption from court costs. If the divorce is carried out without adjudication, then half of the payment will be refunded. PLN 300 is returned to the plaintiff's account, while the other costs are divided in half. This means that the spouse must pay 150 zlotys. In the case of divorce with adjudication about guilt, the entire cost of the court fee shall be borne by a person found guilty of the dissolution of the marriage.

Other costs

 Other costs If the divorce case is complicated and additional requests are necessary, eg for maintenance, division of property, eviction, or appointment of appraisers, then additional costs should be expected. The fee for granting maintenance in a divorce case is 5% of the amount awarded. However, the maintenance case without divorce does not entail any costs. In the case of a division of property, where the spouses agree, the fee is PLN 300. If the property is a contentious issue, then the cost is PLN 1,000. In order to obtain a ruling on the spouse's eviction, 200 zlotys are paid. Each judgment is payable additionally. The parent will pay 40 zlotys for securing the visits, and 30 zlotys for the appeal against the security order. Added to this are fees in the form of PLN 6 per page of a copy of the decision. Any attempt to rescue a relationship requiring marital therapy costs between PLN 150 and 200 for the screening. Mediation in the family counseling center is associated with an expenditure of 50 to 200 PLN. When there is a dispute between the spouses regarding parental authority or contact with the child, it is necessary to issue an opinion by the Family Diagnostic and Consultative Center. This is another expense in the amount of 300 to 500 PLN. If, despite the mediation and opinions of the CODEC, the curator's insight into contact with the child is necessary, then additional costs, even up to several thousand zlotys, should be reckoned with.

Exemption from court costs

 Exemption from court costs If you do not have the resources to set up a divorce case, you can apply for exemption from court costs. To this end, you must file with the claim a documented evidence and proof that the property situation does not allow you to pay a fee, because it would upset the home budget. The forms to be filled in can be found on the court's website or downloaded at his facility. In the case of a case of guilt, the costs are borne by the person guilty of the dissolution of the marriage and is obliged to reimburse the expenses. The court will order payment of not only fees for the ruling, but also for the lawyer, appointment of experts, travel costs. Exemption from court costs does not exempt the spouse from reimbursement if the case is lost. If the plaintiff is found guilty, he will have to reimburse the other party.

How to minimize the cost of divorce?

 How to minimize the cost of divorce? Not everyone can apply for exemption from court costs. However, there is always the option of reducing additional expenses. To minimize them, it is advisable to bring a case without adjudging on the blame. That's a minimum of PLN 300 saved on the court costs alone, not to mention the attorney. Another way is to find out about child custody before filing a lawsuit. This will avoid spending on requests for security of visits, visits to the CODE, costs of the mediator, etc. Divorce cases can drag on for years, and this generates costs. The compatibility of both sides allows them to be very limited. As can be seen from the above article, the costs of divorce start at PLN 300 in the case of independent conduct of a case, without adjudging on guilt. In extreme cases, they can reach up to several thousand zlotys. Some people, due to high fees, use installment loans to cover the costs of divorce. To make the break with the partner lighter for the wallet, it is worth taking care to reach a compromise outside the court headquarters, and only carry out the most important matters on the spot. The cost of a divorce - what fees must be expected when divorcing? 3.1 (61.43%) 14 vote [s]