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Leading supplier of baby and toddler meals, Mamamade, today announced the rollout of its convenient toddler range on Gorillas on-demand and fast grocery delivery service.

Mamamade’s partnership with Gorillas aims to make healthy and nutritious meals for toddlers more accessible and available for busy parents, by delivering the brand’s hugely popular line of frozen meals direct to consumers in less than 10 minutes. The delicious selection of “prepared, unprocessed” meals are bursting with flavor and nutrients to delight the little ones, making them the perfect addition to the growing range of Infant Delivery Services.

By launching on Gorillas starting today, app users will be able to order a selection of Mamamade’s best-selling toddler meals and finger foods. All Mamamade meals are 100% plant-based, made from 100% organic ingredients and free from the “top 8 allergens” which include milk, soy and peanuts. The popular toddler dishes below will be available to order through Gorillas:

  • Chinese lentil paste
  • Kale Pesto Pasta
  • Vegetarian lentil bites
  • Banana and oatmeal pancakes

Sophie Baron, founder of Mamamade: “Currently, in the baby food market, there is a significant lack of practical options for parents to feed their toddlers, especially when busy parents do not have the time to eat. ‘adapt the kitchen to scratch every day, around already hectic lifestyles. Of course, we know that many toddlers eat the same meals as their parents, but prepared meals for adults are generally too high in salt and not healthy enough to feed toddlers, so there is no equivalent that can be served. with little time and ease.

This is exactly where our toddler range can provide a solution, and this is why the partnership with Gorillas is so perfect for us as a brand, as it helps us provide nutritious meals and snacks for parents. in as little as 10 minutes (we know, right!), when ordering through the Gorillas app. We maintain the accessibility factor, but while reassuring parents that their children are still getting the nutrients they need for a healthy diet.
To order Mammade meals through the Gorillas app, download here, and for a full meal overview and to purchase your first box of Mamamade food, visit the Mamamade website here.

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