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Created: Jul 06, 2021 8:00 AM

Dear Sir,

I read with sadness that several large baby food companies had to respond to claims that they knew there were high levels of cadmium, lead and mercury in their baby food.

Metal toxins appearing in baby foods (Photo by Catherine Delahaye / Getty Images)

Parents who believed they had given their children healthy foods have discovered this sad truth, which leads to others.

We are taught from an early age to be “blind” consumers and promoters of the products of progress. We go to school to learn how to find a job, which will allow us to pay for the things we need to survive. We do our jobs and spend our income on things we need and things we “think we need” in order to satisfy our desire for status and meaning.

We kind of forget that these modern products and services all have inherent costs, both positive and negative. In fact, the idea that we can break free by amassing enough capital is as elusive as it is false since we are all deeply trapped by modern capitalism’s general shift from humanist ideals to higher levels of manipulation and deception that affect every facet of our lives.

It has rooted us in a culturally inclusive relationship in such a way that even our “leisure” activities – such as sports, music, movies, art – which represent a medium of expression or escape serve us. distract from awareness of the level of victimization we are experiencing. fall in.

The bottom line is that we end up with a mass of adults who have such a deep “blind faith” in this relationship that they are shocked by these developments which challenge the “promises of progress” narrative.

Unfortunately, these promises have been co-opted by breaches of trust that have become such a pervasive feature of modern business practices that it shouldn’t surprise us to find that our health or well-being has been sidelined in the pursuit of profit.

Our “blind faith” protects us from the sad truth that modern capitalism, which is largely the domain of several billion multinational corporations, affects us all and needs a paradigm shift towards humanistic, ethical and humanistic ideals. environmental.

It shouldn’t take wealthy consumer groups or environmental groups – or whistleblowers – to raise awareness of his victimization. There must be strong controls in the form of independent “regulatory” bodies that serve to protect people against “breaches of trust”.

The result would be to help force a change in the existing capitalist model to prevent or severely limit its victimization of the population. Eating healthy foods for babies is one of the many priorities.



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