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Cheap baby clothes

If there’s one thing you’ll buy a lot for babies besides diapers, it’s baby clothes. Even if you want to dress your baby in the best clothes, you don’t have to go bankrupt to do it. There are many affordable options, including onesie value packs and budget swimwear.

If you’re wondering if you’ll have to compromise on quality, you won’t. In fact, you’ll be happy to see that many top baby brands make affordable, well-made clothes that withstand the ups and downs of a growing baby’s everyday life.

What to know before buying inexpensive baby clothes

Why it is worth buying cheap baby clothes

Trying to save money by investing in affordable baby clothes isn’t just a budget-conscious decision. There are several practical reasons why it is sometimes better to go cheap with certain baby clothes:

  • Since babies grow up without clothes in a matter of weeks, some people find it difficult to pay extra for clothes that are worn a handful of times.
  • Many premium baby clothes share the same quality as the cheaper alternatives. Sometimes more affordable baby clothes are even better quality than high end clothes.
  • Buying inexpensive baby clothes leaves more room in the “baby budget” for other necessities or wish list items, ranging from diapers to developmental toys.

Baby clothes that are worth it

Some baby clothes are worth buying, as cheaper options can compromise on quality or construction.

Baby winter clothing, including winter coats and winter coveralls, should keep babies warm, comfortable and secure. High-quality options are available from major outerwear and baby clothing brands, and it’s no surprise that they generally have higher prices than other brands.

Embroidered baby girl dress Rare Editions

Baby clothes for special occasions, like fancy dress or costumes, tend to be expensive, and there aren’t many affordable and quality alternatives. While there are cheaper options on the market, they don’t always come true to size or photographed correctly.

How to wash baby clothes

To keep clothing intact between washing and wearing, follow the care instructions on the clothing labels. Most baby clothes, including cotton, polyester and bamboo blends, are machine washable and tumble dry. Some pieces, however, may require hand washing or line drying.

Dreft Stage 2: Liquid Baby Laundry Soap

Make sure to wash baby clothes with baby laundry detergent only. Regular detergents suitable for towels and adult clothing often contain cleaning agents that are far too harsh for a baby’s delicate skin. Many baby laundry detergents, on the other hand, are hypoallergenic and free from common irritants.

Set of 6 wool drying balls

Additionally, to minimize chemicals and irritants, Healthline recommends using dryer balls instead of fabric softener and dryer sheets. Dryer balls are typically made from wool, rubber, or plastic and are considered effective at reducing static electricity and making clothes softer without chemicals.

How to store baby’s clothes

Since you will have a lot of baby clothes on hand, it helps to keep them organized so that the parts are easy to find. Here are some options:

Set of 4 Drawer Dividers for Simple Household Items Closet Underwear Organizer

Keep baby dresser drawers organized with basic underwear organizers. These have small compartments that are well suited for storing baby’s little clothes.

Baby Nest Designs Closet Dividers for Baby Clothes

For those who have filled closets with baby clothes, these closet dividers come in handy for separating the sizes. The dividers are easily removed and placed on the closet rods.

How much you can expect to spend on inexpensive baby clothes

While everyone has a different definition of affordability, here are the most economical price brackets for certain types of baby clothing:

  • Budget packs of baby clothes, such as jumpsuits or leggings, typically cost $ 18 and less. They consist of three to eight pieces.
  • Classic essentials, like hoodies or zippered coveralls, cost between $ 12 and $ 22.
  • Specialty baby clothes, including swimsuits and some outerwear, cost between $ 15 and $ 30.

Eight Best Cheap Baby Clothes

A classic zip-up hoodie

The Children's Place Baby Zip Hoodie

The Children’s Place Baby Zip Hoodie

A perfect layering essential, this zip-up hoodie features a generous fit to accommodate base layers. It uses a soft and soft pre-washed cotton and polyester blend. It is available in light heather or black.

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A set of short sleeve onesies

Pack of 6 Simple Joys by Carter's Bodysuits

Pack of 6 Simple Joys by Carter’s Bodysuits

These classic cotton onesies have stretchy necklines to make dressing a quick and easy task. They have nickel free straps which are attached to reinforced panels.

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Kidscool Baby & Toddler Fashion Overalls

Fashionable overalls for babies and toddlers Kidscool

Dungarees are a childhood staple, and this pair of denim is a popular choice for its quality construction and easy-to-adjust suspenders. The legs have longer crotches and you can roll them up for a better fit.

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A pack of fleece pants

Simple Joys by Carter's Infant Fleece Pants Set of 4

Simple Joys by Carter’s Infant Fleece Pants Set of 4

Cozy and comfortable, these fleece pants have elasticated belts for a perfect fit. They are tag-free and have soft, smooth stitching so they won’t irritate baby’s sensitive skin. The pants are cut wider in the seat to accommodate diapers more easily.

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A set of casual shorts

3 Pack Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Knit Shorts

3 Pack Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Knit Shorts

A crowd favorite, these flexible knit shorts have four-way stretch and a loose fit. The shorts have a covered waistband that you can fold up to raise the hem.

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A swimsuit with UPF

Upandfast Baby / Toddler One-Piece Swimsuit

Upandfast Baby / Toddler One-Piece Swimsuit

This long sleeve swimsuit and sun hat are UPF 50+ which means the material blocks 97.5% of harmful UV rays. The swimsuit has a large covered zipper at the neckline so as not to scratch small chins.

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A set of cold weather onesies

3 Pack Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Hoodies

3 Pack Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy Hoodies

Fans of the Hanes hooded jumpsuits praise their comfortable fit, which comes from the rounded V-neckline and stretchy material. The cotton-polyester blend is colourfast and won’t shrink.

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A set of warm weather onesies

Set of 4 Gerber Baby sleeveless jumpsuits

Set of 4 Gerber Baby sleeveless jumpsuits

Suitable for warm-weather clothing, these sleeveless onesies keep kids cool and comfortable for play, travel or naps. The holes for the arms and legs have smooth, friction-free edges.

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Other Inexpensive Baby Essentials That Are Worth Buying

An economical pack of non-slip socks

Fruit of the Loom Baby 14-Pack Grow & Fit Flex Zones Socks

Fruit of the Loom Grow & Fit Flex Zones Baby Socks 14 Pack

These cotton blend baby socks have soft, stretchy cuffs and reinforced toes. They have a non-slip bottom to help little feet gain traction when they start to walk and stand.

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A multipack of hats

Pack of 5 Gerber Baby caps

Pack of 5 Gerber Baby caps

Soft and breathable, these Gerber hats have an adjustable ribbed cuff for the perfect fit. The set includes a mix of patterns, colors and designs to match any outfit.

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A set of baby mittens

Set of 4 Gerber Baby organic mittens

Set of 4 Gerber Baby organic mittens

Look no further for a comfortable pair of mittens. This Gerber four-pack has elastic cuffs that slip on easily and stay in place. The material mix has a bit of Spandex to minimize shrinkage in the wash.

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