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Affordable clothes for babies

Everyone wants their baby to be their best. Whether it’s the first day of daycare or an afternoon strolling in the park, there are dozens of adorable ways to dress toddlers. Of course, they seem to grow faster than you can buy clothes. And on top of that, the seasons and the weather are constantly changing and placing new demands on a baby’s wardrobe.

To help you keep up with and keep your child looking good and comfortable without breaking the bank, we have compiled a list of stylish cheap yet high quality baby clothes. And best of all, since no one with a baby at home has time for this, there’s no need to take a trip to the mall. All of these choices for the best places to buy children’s clothing are available online.

Let’s start with the basics. These are the items every baby needs, at a reasonable price.

You can find a 25 pack of Duufin baby socks on Amazon. These adorable cotton mini socks are soft and frictionless, designed to keep sensitive skin calm and dry. Plus, they’re available in all kinds of different colors for the baby (or parent) who likes to match them. You can opt for a monochrome pack to make it easier to pair your socks every time.

A sturdy set of comfy onesies is a must-have for toddlers. This five-pack short sleeve bodysuit from Gerber is stretchy, easy to wash and allows for seamless diaper changes. Plus, these inexpensive onesies have options to grow with your little one. You can choose from sizes for newborns up to 9 months old.

If you want something with a little more personality than the solid white jumpsuits, this five-pack jumpsuit from Hudson Baby is printed with adorable zoo animals, stripes and polka dots.

When the weather gets colder, keep your baby warm without investing in a whole new wardrobe. Long-sleeved onesies blend with any pants and add an extra layer of cold insulation. These super soft hooded onesies from Hanes come in packs of three and have 11 different colors to choose from.

Best cheap pants for baby

You can expect your baby’s pants to face some wear and tear, especially if they are already crawling. These stylish cotton pants from Carter’s are machine washable and have an elastic waist and cuffed ankles that stay put no matter how active your little one is. They come in sets of gray and blue, as well as green and pink.

Best baby wardrobe set

If you’re looking for a one-time purchase to outfit your baby with a complete all-weather wardrobe, this 17-piece set from Hanes is for you. It includes short and long sleeve jumpsuits and shirts, four pairs of stretchy pants, and four matching bibs to keep your child clean (or at least a little cleaner). You can find this set in sizes ranging from newborn to 24 months.

Make sure your baby is comfortable at night with a warm and comfy pair of pajamas. These Gerber one-piece pajamas have foot covers so you can rest assured that every little toe is warm all night long. And while they’re technically pajamas, they’re also cute and functional enough to double as daytime wear.

Cheap stylish clothes for babies

Even if you are on a budget, you don’t have to dress baby in cotton from head to toe all the time. There are some great inexpensive and downright adorable outfits and statement pieces that your baby can wear on special occasions.

Best floral pants set for baby

This CARETOO shirt and jeans combo is as cute as baby’s clothes. The shirt is a cute ruffle style with a floral pattern and the jeans are shabby-chic and ripped in all the right places. Plus, they’re super stretchy to provide plenty of room to move around and for easy diaper changing.

Give baby legroom in comfortable, breathable shorts. This Amazon Essentials drawstring cotton shorts set has a vintage sports club vibe that’s perfect for active babies. And they’re available in Patriotic Red, White, and Blue, so you’ve already got the perfect July 4th outfit ready to go.

The best cheap jeans for babies

When you take your baby out for a night out, why not put on a comfortable but trendy pair of jeans? The Children’s Place straight jeans come in two different washes and are affordable enough that you can enjoy both. These pull-on jeans have five pockets and a straight leg opening so your little one can rock a classic denim look.

The best affordable baby dresses

A cotton summer dress can be the easiest thing to put on on a hot day. That’s why this set of four patterned short sleeve summer dresses from Luvable Friends is a must have for babies in summer. These dresses are stretchy and soft and are as comfortable in summer as they are in winter with a pair of matching leggings underneath.

Cheap baby outerwear

Don’t forget the layers! Swaddle your baby against the elements with these inexpensive yet reliable outerwear.

Best baby zipper fleece

The Hanes Ultimate Baby Zippin Fleece Hoodie is perfect for any occasion and activity. It is available in 12 different colors and patterns, so there is an option for every baby. It is also made of the softest fabric that keeps babies’ skin happy and warm.

Best cheap down jacket for baby

When it’s really cold outside, protect the kids from the elements in this insulated puffer jacket from Eddie Bauer. The hood protects the head and ears, while the windproof and water-repellent material can withstand anything that comes along.

There is nothing more cozy than a baby nestled from head to toe in a fleece-lined snow suit. And this hooded winter snowsuit from DKNY is as practical as it is adorable. Your baby is guaranteed a comfortable and warm ride in this jumpsuit, whatever the weather.

Cheap baby snow boots

Little feet need protection too! And while snow boots can get expensive, these soft and flexible padded winter snow boots from Kuner are reasonably priced and lined with thick plush for comfort and warmth. The stockings also have extra traction to keep babies on their feet, even in slippery conditions. These are unisex shoes with a bit of room to grow taller, so you can even get an extra season out of it.

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