Best BPA Free Food Processors for Preparing Baby Food on Amazon India


Your baby only deserves nutritious foods that are full of natural flavors. But once you start mashing fruit or vegetables, most of the nutritional value is lost in the cooking process. So how do you prepare baby food while ensuring that it retains natural nutrients and flavors? The answer lies in BPA-free food processors. These cooking devices can help you prepare baby food using steam technology, which allows it to keep the flavors and nutrients intact. If you are looking for a food processor, make sure it is BPA free so that it does not contaminate the food. Moreover, also make sure that it uses steam technology and offers multiple cooking functions, such as mixing and steaming. Here are some great BPA-free food processor options on Amazon that would help you prepare baby food.

BEABA Babycook Solo

The BEABA Babycook Solo uses steam for its cooking which not only helps to preserve the nutrients in the food, but also helps to keep its natural taste intact. Its steamer basket separates the food from the steaming liquid, ensuring that vitamins and minerals remain sealed inside the food. Equipped with one touch and one hand control, you can easily operate this device without any effort. The BEABA Babycook Solo also has an automatic shut-off function which turns off the appliance when cooking is finished. Allowing you to prepare soups, purees, steamed vegetables, applesauce… thanks to its four-in-one functions (steaming, blending, defrosting and reheating), this food processor offers many options! Other than that, some of its other notable features are a 1,100ml XL capacity jar that allows you to prepare food in large quantities and a cyclone effect blade that allows for custom mixing of food.

LuvLap Regal Advanced + Food Processor

The LuvLap Regal Advanced + Food Processor features a two-in-one steaming and blending function, combining the utility of conventional cookers and blenders. Its steamer is a healthier cooking alternative for your little one because it helps preserve the natural taste and flavors. The LuvLap Regal Advanced + food processor helps you be innovative when it comes to making purees for your child. It allows you to easily prepare mashed spinach, oranges, potatoes, carrots and bananas. It comes with an advanced digital display which allows you to easily choose the different functions. For mixing, it offers the options of thick, coarse or smooth puree, keeping the consistency to suit your baby’s tastes. In addition, since it has an automatic shut-off function, continuous monitoring is not necessary. It also incorporates an audible and light indicator to let you know if the cooking is finished or not.

Kiddale 5-in-1 Smart Food Processor

The Kiddale 5-in-1 Smart Food Processor is a holistic solution as it not only helps cook baby food but also steam clean their utensils. The device can sterilize and disinfect your baby’s bottle, spoon or teething toys with the disinfection button. It can steam fruits and vegetables, making them soft and germ-free in a short time. It also has a stirring function with which you can prepare delicious purees. Once the cooking is finished, you can clean the appliance thanks to its self-cleaning function, thanks to which it cleans itself! The Kiddale 5 in 1 Smart Food Processor is made from Tritan material, which is BPA and lead free. This ensures that the device does not cause any form of contamination to your food.

LuvLap Regal Baby Food Processor

The LuvLap Regal Baby Food Processor has an efficient steam cycle that can cook your food optimally. Its steaming mechanism seals in natural flavors and nutrients, making the food perfect for your growing baby. Its steaming function is complemented by a mixing function which allows you to maintain the consistency of the food according to your baby’s needs. Plus, with its easy operations, clear markings, and sturdy dial, this device offers hassle-free operation for everyone. It also tells you once the food has been prepared with its ready to eat light and sound indicator. The LuvLap Regal Food Processor has an auto shut-off feature which translates into a need for constant monitoring.

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