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GUANGZHOU, China, April 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — “Follow Bee and Honey to check out the best-selling products from various companies!” » On April 18, under the theme “Quality baby products, great care for growth”, the fourth business promotion activity “Experience the Canton Fair with bee and honey” was broadcast on the official Facebook account. of the Canton Fair as planned to present China high quality baby products and their producers. Through an online connection, Bee and Honey, the Canton Fair mascots, actively interacted with representatives of Yifa Import and Export Company, Tera Fund Plastic Products Company and Prodigy Daily Production Company. In particular, Bee visited Mesuca Sports in person as an on-site presenter.

Yifa introduced Palmbaby baby diapers and fully biodegradable bamboo fiber wet wipes. The products are environmentally friendly, skin-friendly and non-irritating, ensuring that baby’s skin is well cared for. Tera Fund’s Audi licensed ride-on cars for kids and parents are simple to use and capable of carrying up to 100 kilograms, allowing for quality parent-child time. Prodigy highlighted retractable safety gates, socket protectors and door stops. They are all easy to install and provide protection for children. Mesuca Sports has focused on the needs of newborns and young children at home. They have collaborated with Disney and Marvel to incorporate well-known characters into children’s products such as 3D scooters, roller shoes and travel bags. The variety of baby and children’s items available to online visitors was overwhelming. The livestream attracted over 280,000 views worldwide, reflecting the high level of interest from international fans.

Maggie Pudeputy general manager of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Canton Fair, told reporters that it was necessary to China the baby products and toy industries to transform from product manufacturers to product creators and developers, and that products with environmentally friendly materials and intellectual property licenses were among the industries’ strengths. She went on to say that they hope to engage more Chinese enterprises in virtual promotion activities and help them identify new markets using the Canton Fair platform.

This session’s “Discover Canton Fair with Bee and Honey” activities focus on eight themes to better serve domestic and international circulations and contribute to the stability of trade, supply chain and industrial chains. .

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