BBC The Apprentice team baby food logo mistake leaves mums and shoppers speechless


When the BBC’s The Apprentice teams were tasked with creating a brand of baby food, it seemed like a fairly innocuous and straightforward enough task – after all, how could baby food go wrong?

Viewers relaxed, assuming that for the next hour, we would all be in good hands. Surely there was no reason we had to dive across the couch and cover our eyes, was there?

How wrong we were. During the logo design and branding stage of the process, Akeem and Stephanie (who had come up with a pretty brilliant brand name, we thought, in First Time Foodies) started tossing around a few ideas for a logo and eventually they settled on a font that said ‘First Time Foodies’ but catastrophically replaced the ‘O’s of Foodies with two bowls. We’ll just leave the results here for you to watch…

Foodies for the first time

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It wasn’t until early product testing, with real moms and real babies, that someone pointed out that the logo design appears to say “First Time Dies.”

Akeem then spoke on camera saying, “Yeah, there’s a slight concern that he’s actually saying ‘dies’.

“It’s something that has been completely overlooked by me and Stephanie. And it’s a concern when we talk to buyers.

“It looks like we’re trying to kill children,” Harpreet, the project manager, said, fear in her eyes that this runaway train was already too far down the track.

But the worst was yet to come when the First Time Foodies team entered the second pitch, trying to avoid the now very obvious fact that they had written a death note on their baby food, Stephanie sprang from their passion for the brand.

First time...sorry now what?
Sorry, first time F… now what?

But worried shoppers shifted awkwardly in their seats. “To be honest, when I look at it,” the shopper said ruefully, “What I see is, ‘First Time F**k, Dies’.” And with that, the whole television-watching nation let out a long, silent cry.

This buyer could contain his horror
This buyer could barely contain his horror

“OK, I totally get what you’re saying,” Stephanie said as the whole world stopped spinning.

She continued, “We didn’t really notice that, but I’m really glad you did.”

The other shopper replied, “If there’s one word you don’t want to associate with babies, it’s that word at the end.”

In the conference room, Lord Sugar was, predictably, ruthless. “What’s your problem?” he said.

In the end, two contestants were sent home in a rare double shot.

Aaron Willis and Akeem Bundu-Kamara left the show on Thursday night’s show.

Speaking afterwards, Akeem said: “I feel extremely drained as you can imagine! Technically to be in the final five but not to make it to the interview stage, well, that’s It’s unfortunate but I feel like I did well.

“Two wins as Prime Minister, so I have something to be proud of and now it’s about moving my business forward.”

Aaron added: “You know what, I’m actually pretty at peace with it because I think it was my time. [to go]. It was one of those times when I felt like I had peaked and wished I had been fired for something that was justified, so I have no complaints! At the end of the day, I screwed it up, so I can’t really argue with that!”

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