Baby products TikTok parents swear by for their little ones


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It’s no secret that parenthood is hard work. There is no manual or one-size-fits-all approach. And there are undoubtedly many different opinions on the law way of doing things, whatever it is. That’s why when TikTok offers you a gold mine of kid/baby products and gadgets that might make this gig a little more manageable, you jump at it. Hard.

You don’t want to skip this list, from room-to-room doorbells to snack towers and baby swings — who knows what product might save you even an ounce of sleep.

The best products for children and babies

Munchkin Bluetooth-enabled Lightweight Baby Swing, $356.93

Having trouble getting Bub to sleep or stop crying unless he’s rocked? This Munchkin baby swing will be emulates your natural side-to-side swing at five distinct speeds. Still no luck? It’s Bluetooth enabled, so you can also listen to your child’s favorite music directly from your phone. Baby shark, anyone?

You can buy the Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing ($356.93) from Amazon here.

Skip Hop Baby Bath All-in-One Elbow Saver and Kneeler, $40.28

Products for children and babies

Don’t pop a joint trying to give your kids a bath and get your hands on this kneeling tub gadget that provides support for your knees and elbows. It could also prevent your entire shirt from getting soaked in baby’s bath water. Thank us later.

You can buy the Skip Hop Baby Bath All-in-One Elbow Saver and Kneeler ($40.28) from Amazon here.

Haakaa Baby Nail Care Set, $42.32

With five grinding pads varying in strength, as well as apA pressure-activated shut-off system to prevent injury, this baby nail care set will ease the anxiety associated with trimming your child’s nails, as well as their own.

You can buy the Haakaa Baby Nail Care Kit ($42.32) on Amazon here.

Haakaa Silicone Yummy Pouch, Reusable Soft Food Pouch, $32.99

Baby products

These baby food and yogurt squeeze tubes can Great expensive when you buy them all the time. Not to mention the impact these little pieces of plastic can have on the environment. That’s why, if you have the time, switching to these reusable silicone pouches allows you to buy bulk yogurt tubs for less and divide them for your kids. If your bub is fussy or has a lot of allergies, these pouches are also a great way to store homemade purees or breast milk.

You can buy the Haakaa Silicone Yummy Pouch, Reusable Soft Food Pouch ($32.99) from Amazon here.

Wireless doorbell chimes for home, $23.98

Products for children and babies

A mum on TikTok has revealed she hates having to shout around the house every night to get her kids to come to dinner or get up for school. His solution? A wireless doorbell chime.

How it works is that you install the bell in each of your children’s rooms and keep the buttons in the kitchen or living room whenever you need them. It also adds an extra layer of novelty for kids, which is always a treat.

You can buy the Wireless Doorbell Chimes ($23.98) from Amazon here.

DeCHOKER anti-choking device for toddlers, $145.75

If you already have children, you will know that you must always be on your guard no matter what. That’s why it’s a good idea to have one of these anti-choking devices on hand if, God forbid, the situation ever arises.

You can buy the DeCHOKER anti-choking device for toddlers ($145.75) from Amazon here.

Spill-Proof Portable Stackable Snack Tower, $18.48

Think of this ingenious four-tier gadget as a baby bag organizer for storing snacks, pacifiers, milk powder and more. The best part is that it’s completely spill-proof (so each layer won’t leak into each other). You can even attach it to your pram or car for travel.

You can buy the Spill-Free Portable Stackable Snack Tower ($18.49) from Amazon here.

Easy Stick Disposable Trash Bag, $24.96

Baby products

Tired of finding a million five wrappers and leftover food in the back of your car? Stick these disposable trash bags on the inside door of your car or the back of your front seats to train your kids to put their trash in these bins rather than leaving it lying around. They are especially great for long drives or post-Maccas errands.

You can buy the Easy Stick-On Disposable Car Trash Bag ($24.96) from Amazon here.

Peanutshell Play Nest Ring for babies, $77.19

This saucer floor lounger helps develop your baby’s gross motor skills and stimulates hand-eye coordination with various baby textures and activities. Many reviews of this product say they didn’t know it was inflatable, so here’s your word of warning: This infant lounger is designed to be inflated for best product use.

You can buy the Peanutshell Play Nest Ring for Babies ($77.19) from Amazon here.

Baby Shusher, $45

Our other secret to putting baby (and, in turn, you) to sleep is this Baby Shusher that breaks a baby’s crying spell by engaging their natural soothing reflex. The rhythmic shush is like being inside the womb, where there’s a constant flood of loud sounds coming from mommy’s body.

You can buy the Baby Shusher ($45) on eBay here.

So, now you know the ten baby products you should buy as a parent, but here are ten more you absolutely shouldn’t.

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