Ashley I and Jared share baby products that get them excited about parenting


E! : You have been very open about the ups and downs of pregnancy. How are you feeling these days?
AI: I feel so much better, luckily. I don’t currently feel like my “normal” self or anything, but I do feel very grateful for the improvement over the past four weeks. Jared is the champion of the whole world. I compliment him all day because he does so much for me. I know it’s a bunch of simple little chores, but throughout the day it really adds up and he’s tired of hearing his name.

JH: I feel bad to be applauded for doing the bare minimum and things that I should to do. It is she who constantly vomits and it is she who carries our child. She does more than anything I contribute, but I’m happy to help with whatever I can.

E! : How does it feel to have the pregnancy out in the open?
AI: After the announcement, I felt so much better because I felt like I was hiding so much. It’s hard to describe, but it was a great relief when we shared the news.

JH: This is exciting news, so we were happy to talk about it. It helped cement that ‘fatherly’ feeling and made me look forward to all the milestones to come. Putting the car seat and cradle together was one of the first times I felt truly connected with our future child and it made me so happy. Choosing clothes made me so happy and I felt “it is getting more and more real”. It was really cool going through all of these baby products for the first time, buying things and seeing what we should be getting, and going through all the product reviews. It is starting to feel real. We just had our 15 week ultrasound and we could see the baby forming and we could see the head and mouth moving. Even knowing that we can now call him “him” and think “this is our son”. It’s not just “our baby” anymore. It’s our son”. It just gives some impact to our kid who wasn’t there before.

E! : Much of your job involves being open and honest with your fans, was it difficult to keep things private during the early stages of pregnancy?
JH: It’s not just a job. Anyone can relate to this because a lot of people don’t want to talk about their pregnancy from the start. I feel like everyone else. goes through this especially in the age of social media where everyone has a Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. People ask, “Can I post this?” Should I post this? Do I have to wait to share the news? Shouldn’t we wait to share the news? ‘ We weren’t sure if we needed to tell some people before the news got out. We were on the same phone with some of our friends ten minutes before we announced it publicly. We were worried about forgetting someone we should have said before announcing.

E! : You have several platforms with captive audiences. Why did you share your baby’s gender through Amazon Live?
JH: It was fun to announce it live. If we’ve posted on our Instagram or one of our podcasts, it’s all pre-recorded which is good too. But, there is just something very special about being live.

AI: The feedback during the livestream was insane. We couldn’t keep up. Everyone was so nice and very helpful. It was really cool because people also gave great advice and information on what to buy for the baby and throughout the pregnancy. Now that we know he’s a boy, we’re hoping Amazon buyers can give us some great ideas for some cute little items that we can get on Amazon as well.

E! : Has knowing that you are going to have a boy change your shopping plans and your parenthood preparation?
AI: Not for big items like strollers, car seats, and cribs, but I want to pick out clothes for a boy and I’m really excited for that.

JH: I have already found so many Tom Brady onesies.

E! : What makes Amazon such a reliable store for expectant parents?
AI: We love that Amazon has so many reviews, which makes shopping so easy. I have definitely become so safety conscious with shopping. I have learned a lot so far. We have a very popular and safe stroller and car seat. With Amazon, all the important information is in one place and I feel very informed before shopping.

JH: We read every little thing because our little boy is going to be there. We want to be sure that everything is good, secure and safe for him.

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