Amazon Offers 20% Off Evenflo Strollers, Car Seats & Other Baby Products


With Amazon gets 20% off Evenflo gear, now is the perfect time to buy the infant car seat ($ 156.26) that you must promise to have installed well before the birth of your child.

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller


$ 279.99

A respected name in the fierce Big Baby industry, Evenflo’s passion for protecting our children translates into its excellent quality and easy-to-install infant seat. With affordable essentials like this SecureMax seat ($ 175.99), this sale also has a sick All Terrain Stroller Wagon for $ 279.99 that will take you from daddy to rad in about ten seconds.

Not only do I own this 3 position reclining chair Evenflo Gold Shyft Securemax Onyx Travel System ($ 319.99), but I actually took advantage of Evenflo’s live video installation assistance and a certified car seat safety technician walked me through how to install the seat that brought my back home. hospital girl at home. She can only say something like 60 words now, but I guess she enjoys the taste of her parents. At the very least we know she will be Pearl Jam fan.

All in all a lot of good stuff here for expectant parents as well as exhausted moms and dads welcoming another ball of screaming joy into their lives… again.

Save up to 20% Off Car Seats, Strollers & More From Evenflo On Amazon Today.

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