7 Genius Baby Products For Stressed Out Parents That Look Weird But Work Perfectly


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Caring for a small baby, especially in the first few weeks, is an incredibly daunting task. It’s also very intimidating purchases task. When I was pregnant, I actually had a spreadsheet to keep track of what I needed, while simultaneously familiarizing myself with things like travel systems and googling the difference between a sleep well and one baby grow and how much exactly do i need and in what size?! (My child is now a year old and I still don’t really know.)

I didn’t expect that in addition to buying cute muslin blankets and tiny jumpers with bunny ears, I would soon freak out buying very strange products at 2am.

I also didn’t expect to regularly slip into new parents’ DMs to recommend a plastic straw, but here we are! In addition to the aforementioned straw, here’s a set of unconventional baby products that might look a little weird, but they all work and are incredibly useful.

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