10 baby products you should never buy


Keep dangerous products away from your newborn. There are countless decisions new parents have to make, but choosing products that are safe for…

Keep dangerous products away from your newborn.

There are countless decisions new parents have to make, but choosing safe products for your newborn is perhaps one of the most important. According to Consumer Reports, there were 1,234 recalls from 2017 to 2021, and children’s products were in the top five categories of recalled products. “Product recalls are complex and can have serious consequences if mishandled,” Ashita Kapoor, associate director of product safety at Consumer Reports, wrote in an email. “Consumer product recalls generate major media headlines and social media buzz, but we still find products that have been recalled in the marketplace.”

Besides products deemed unsafe for newborns, there are also many baby items that are simply not necessary and can be a waste of money. To ensure the safety of your child and your budget on the right trackreview these 10 baby products you should never buy.

Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleepers

Millions of Rock ‘n Play Sleepers remain in homes even though the product has been recalled for years, according to Consumer Reports, and there were eight infant deaths and 17 injuries related to this product after the recall in April 2019. While you probably won’t find any in stores, you can find the recalled sleeper in consignment stores or online, and this sleeper is one item you definitely want to avoid.

Bedding and bumper

Although a plain wooden crib may not seem comfortable for an adult, crib bedding and crib bumpers are not safe for children under 12-18 months. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 40% of mothers reported using soft bedding to put their babies to sleep. But the The CDC recommends a firm sleep surface in a safety-approved crib without blankets, pillows, protective pads, and soft toys.

Boppy Loungers for baby sleep and sleep positioners

Nursing pillows can be a big help for new parents who need to feed late at night and learn to breastfeed, but nursing pillows and loungers aren’t safe for baby’s sleep . The Boppy lounge chairs were recalled in September 2021 having been linked to eight infant deaths and are dangerous due to the risk of suffocation. Similar products, including nursing pillows and sleep positioners, can be dangerous to baby’s sleep, so be sure to use a nursing pillow correctly if you buy one.

baby shoes

Although generally safe for babies, shoes — and even socks in some climates — aren’t necessary. Avoid the hassle of these cute little newborn and baby shoes during your child’s first months, as baby shoes tend to fall off and, since your child cannot yet walk, won’t be of much use.

Wipes warmer

Generally safe, wipe warmers can be helpful in keeping babies calm and comfortable during changes. However, wipe warmers can also be a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria and fungi due to their moist and warm environments. If you’re on the fence about this one, save you the extra cost and consider jumping.

Crib tents and low decoration

Crib tents are designed to keep toddlers inside their crib, but they can be dangerous. As a general rule, don’t buy anything low to go near or above your child’s sleeping area. These items could fall on your baby if not properly secured, or your baby could pull them down, creating choking and suffocation hazards.

Baby walkers

Baby walkers that allow your child to move around a room before they can walk are considered unsafe by many doctors. Although new security measures were introduced in 2010, a study 2018 published by the American Academy for Pediatrics revealed that baby walkers are still associated with thousands of childhood injuries each year. These can include falling down stairs or tipping over. Try an activity table or sweater instead.

Expensive changing tables

Changing tables can be very expensive and don’t offer many additional benefits beyond those of a dresser or table you already own. Popular changing tables at Pottery Barn and West Elm cost upwards of $500. Consider repurposing your existing furniture to create a changing table instead of buying a new item.

Used or expired car seats

Hospitals won’t let you go without it, and it’s probably one of the most important items you’ll buy for your newborn: a car seat. And while it might make financial sense to buy a used car seat, this is one area of ​​your baby gear budget that you really shouldn’t skimp on. Car seats often expire between six and 10 years from the date of manufacture, so keep an eye on that date and consider buying new ones.

Drop-side cribs

Once a staple for newborns, drop-side cribs are no longer safe and are now illegal to make, sell or give away. Although drop-side cribs are convenient for caregivers, allowing them easier access to their child, these cribs can create a space between the crib and the mattress that could easily become unsafe for a baby. Follow the guidelines created by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure your baby’s crib is safe.

Avoid these newborn and infant products:

—Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleepers.

— Crib bedding and bumpers.

— Boppy lounge chairs for infant sleep and sleep positioners.

– Baby shoes.

— Towel warmer.

— Cradle tents and hanging decor.

— Baby walkers.

— Expensive changing tables.

— Used or expired car seats.

— Drop-side cribs.

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